Latest Funny Teacher Student Jokes in Hindi 2021

Teacher Student Jokes
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Teacher : शीला कपडे पहन चुकी थी
इस वाक्य को अपनी भाषा में बोलो।
Student : BC लेट हो गए! 😂😂

Teacher Student Jokes

टीचर : मैं जो पूछूँ उसका जवाब फटाफट देना
संजू : जी सर
टीचर : भारत की राजधानी बताओ?
संजू : फटाफट
टीचर अभी तक संजू को पीट रहा है😜😜😜😜

टीचर संजू से : तुम्हारे पापा क्या करते हैं ?
संजू :- जी, वो रोज़ गालियां खाते हैं।
टीचर :- क्या मतलब ?
संजू :- सर, वो customer care executive हैं.

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We have had the experience of going to school in our lifetime. Sometimes the students used to joke while the teacher was teaching in the school. No one can deny this. A student used to make the whole class laugh by saying funny things.

We have also brought some jokes to this blog, which you will laugh at after reading. You will definitely get the experience of this one Teacher Student Jokes. And you can share this with your friends and family. Which will get them some laughs.

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