Best Buddha Purnima Marathi Status 2021: Wishes, Quotes, WhatsApp Status

Buddha Purnima Marathi Status
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Buddha Purnima Marathi Status 2021: This day can be the beginning of adopting Buddha’s thoughts and paying tribute to his memory. Large celebrations are held every year on this occasion, but this year we will have to stay at home in the backdrop of Corona and celebrate Buddha Purnima.

To make this year’s Buddha Purnima special, you can share it with your friends, relatives, and family through Marathi wishes, greetings, WhatsApp status, Facebook image, and Telegram.

A prince was born in Lumbini in 563 BCE. The prince was named Siddhartha. He was also known as Gautama, his aunt who cared for him. He later left home for enlightenment.

Gautama Buddha founded and propagated Buddhism. Today, there are many devotees of Buddhism all over the world except India. The ‘Buddhist Poornima‘ is celebrated to highlight their teachings, ideas, and knowledge.

बुद्ध विचार आहे, दुराचार नाही
बुद्ध शांती आहे, हिंसा नाही
बुद्ध प्रबुद्ध आहे, युद्ध नाही
बुद्ध शुद्ध आहे, थोतांड नाही

बुद्ध पौर्णिमेच्या मनःपूर्वक शुभेच्छा


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